Moldavite Gemstones – Healing and Meditation Work

Monday , 13, February 2023 Leave a comment

Moldavite can be used to help you in your healing and meditation work. Because of its transformative qualities, it initiates a process that raises the vibration throughout one’s whole being. This stone offers many benefits, learn more?

Exposure to it can activate the dream state, help one to adjust to the Earth’s environment, assist in growth of consciousness, rapid transformation of one’s life, and aid in the release of things that are not serving one’s highest purpose.

It is believed to be the only gemstone known of extraterrestrial origin (not from this Earth) and it is associated with Star card of Tarot. It also links to the Heart Chakra. Moldavite helps one connect with the heart. It also gives you that beautiful pink glow associated with unconditional love. It is definitely a stone that can help us connect to the lovely pink (or even green) resonance of our hearts. Wow! This little powerhouse of multiplicity is amazing! It is no surprise that its energy can initially intimidate people who don’t know about it. This piece is packed full of energy to release and relinquish that one must be prepared for. You are already reflecting that by inviting this beautiful piece into your lives. It is certainly a celestial “stone for transformation.” But not all stones are right for everyone.

Moldavite can be a good fit for you if you find it resonates with what you read here, or if you make contact immediately with one. Isn’t it amazing that, like everything else, there are many choices for anyone to find the one that resonates with them. These beauties are waiting for you if it is possible. You will make lasting friends that you’ll be able to take with you on your journey.

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