Piano or Guitar? Why piano is the best choice for music starters?

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It’s difficult to know what it is from just one angle. My experience playing both the keyboard and piano has taught me that the keyboard is easier to use for many reasons. But this is a BIG BUT!!! Let’s consider to learn more all aspects of this.

0 Your goal (which one would you like to be playing with the guitar, piano, or both?
(2) What kind of music would you like to hear?/ Who do you love?
3) Instruments (choices, price range, stores & portability)
Learning ease
5) Performance possible

1 Your goal

There must be a reason you were thinking of learning to play the piano or the guitar. Perhaps you are surrounded by musicians. Or perhaps you simply want to play instruments. I want you think completely, purely, and genuinely. You are someone who has the ability to make music and is incredibly wealthy enough to buy any instrument. Which instrument do you prefer? The final decision is yours.

(2) What kind of music are you interested in listening to/ Who do you admire?

As you learn to play the piano, you will find yourself enjoying your repertoire and songs. Want to play the song “Fur Elise”, from Beethoven? Or the song of a rock band like Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway, Heaven”? You can play any song on either of the two instruments. It would be much the same as the original song if one of the instruments you choose was chosen by your favorite artist. That could make you feel like a true musician. This kinda feeling is an amazing joy when you are playing music. From whom did you get your inspiration for music?

3) Instruments

Options to the Piano (Acoustic and Digital pianos, digital keyboards, mobile apps), for the Guitar: Classical guitar, Folk guitars Country guitars Electric guitars Electric bass, Apps

Price ranges. (Lower and Higher) new piano (apps available for free; keyboards start at $50, digital instruments begin at $ 500, acoustic pianists start at $2,000), new guitar (apps available for free; any type of guitars starts from $100) used guitars (from ….?)

Shopping & Transportation. All major cities should have music stores or piano shops. Or, you can search the internet to find the store closest to your location. The keyboards and guitars are light and easy to carry. You could disassemble some digital keyboards but it will require two people to carry it or a transporter cart. Special piano movers are required to deliver acoustic and electric pianos. The store often offers free shipping if you buy a new keyboard.

4) Easy Learning Process

You will be able to see what notes are in your playing. It’s almost as if you were typing on the computer keyboard. You could make a melody by pressing any keys with just one hand. This fixed pitch makes it simple to do your job. For beginners or small children, this is the ideal choice. Instantly you will feel the joy of making music.

Guitar It’s more difficult than playing the piano to create a melody because you have to use your lefthand to identify the notes and use your right hand for the strings. If you attempt to play chords, it may be challenging physically. Your left hand should be pressing several strings at once, in a strange position you wouldn’t normally take. Recommended for teenagers up to age 18, depending on your physical abilities.

You will find that the piano repertoire can present additional technical challenges. These include the co-ordination of the melody and accompanying, music theory, and reading music scores. The learning process will be enjoyable if you keep moving forward.

If you know the basics of chords you can play along with almost any song (especially pop ones) that you like to sing. The technical skills will be more important if you are learning the repertoire like “Memories of Alhambra.” Rock band songs can have beautiful guitar solos, but those songs should require mastery.

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