Trusting The Divine Wisdom Within Dreams

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Carl Jung discovered all dreams are generated by the unconscious, which is a superior mind. It was God’s mind. However, Jung didn’t believe that God could create dreams. He confirmed that dreams all have symbolic meanings, which may be totally different to the meaning we believe they have. In order to know yourself better and own yourself better, you need to know the meaning of seeing a fox at night

Through my work, I proved the world that the unconscious is God’s brain. After verifying God’s existence using the wisdom provided by the dream messages, my religious attitude was formed. This is the reason I follow the divine guidance of dreams. Jung wasn’t obedient. Jung agreed with many things but not with everything the unconscious mind was telling.

I realized that God’s wisdom must be respected. I understood my ignorance. I was proud of my scientific knowledge. I was ignorant and simple.

My dreams guided me to discover that our brain has an evil, wild and absurd conscience (anticonscience). After gaining this insight, I was able to cure all mental diseases by listening to the divine guidance in my dreams.

Yet, most people believe that dreams can be just that: they are merely a dream. This means that they are of no real value. Some people believe that dreams can be created by our imagination. Others believe that dreams reflect fears and desires that are buried in our subconscious.

I had to overcome a major barrier in order to prove that dreams are important, because they contain divine guidance. Because dreams contain wise messages and are just as important to us as our daily lives, I need to prove to the world how important they are.

This is a fact everyone can verify. To submit a dream, you can either learn the language of your dream through my simplifications or send it to me. They may be skeptical about the importance of dreams but they do not have to believe that we can take dream interpretation very seriously.

Dreams seem mysterious and impossible to understand. The dream language can be complex. It took me over 20 years to simplify Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation. Because there are many details in a Dream that need to be translated, this was a difficult task.

A dream can be described as a collection of images. You must write down every detail of each dream image. Next, you will need to analyze the meanings of each detail based upon the dream language.

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